What is LEWIZA?
Lewiza is a high quality fashion label, which was founded in Wuppertal in 2014. We stand for feminine attire, which suits beautiful and self confident women. Lewiza demands high standards of elegance and timelessness. One will not see fashion from Lewiza every day and one will also not wear it every day. Our fashion is designed for festive events, which may become even more brilliant with the right attire.

Lewiza fashion is designed and manufactured in Germany. Our style however also expresses openness to influences from other cultures. Lewiza employs high quality cloth as well as high quality manufacture. We abstain to a large extent from synthetic materials. Small editions guarantee individuality aside from the big fashion labels. Beauty and elegance are time- and ageless. Fashion from Lewiza wants to free itself from short term trends.

We sell fashion from Lewiza exclusively at our own store. You cannot find Lewiza at other businesses. We resign deliberately from an Online Shop, in order to prevent our clothing from damages.

Natallia Yanushchyk
Graduated Businesswomen

Natallia Yanushchyk, who was born in the Republic of Belarus in 1981, had already successfully completed studies at a university in Belarus, when she decided to start to study for her second degree at the University Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach. Therefore she holds certificates from Belarus as well as her German certificate for business. Natallia takes mainly care of the sale, but also attends to the purchase of cloth and other materials. She is the main contact person for our customers and providers.

Nermina Becirevic
Graduated Designer

Nermina Becirevic also studied at the University Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach. As a Bachelor of Science, design engineer, she functions as the creative mind, which composes our designs. Nermina is a self-employed designer.

Thomas Jeschke

Thomas Jeschke, who was born in Germany in 1964, takes charge of the organization as well as the finances. Thomas is the owner of the Lewiza fashion label. He is the contact person for agencies and associations.

Email to Natallia Phone: 0173-5410832

Email to Thomas Phone: 0172-1837713